These tutorials are intended to educate users on various aspects of analysis, rather and serve as specific workflows for a complete analysis pipeline. Most tutorials do have recommendations or specific instructions for performing certain functions (e.g. data export from FlowJo). 

Arcsinh and data transformationManipulating and filtering data in R using data.tableMaking great plots with Spectre and ggplot2

A tutorial on transformations for cytometry data, specifically using the arcsinh transformations.A tutorial on rapid data manipulation and filtering operations for large datasets using data.table.Instructions for creating high-quality coloured tSNE/UMAP plots using Spectre's wrapper for ggplot2.

On computational analysis

Thinking about computational 'discovery' analysis approachesStrategic use of clustering and dimensionality reduction

A brief discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of computational 'discovery' approaches, including clustering and dimensionality reduction.A tutorial on strategic use of clustering and dimensionality reduction, including which tools to use and why, the number of cells to analyse, how to interact with tSNE/UMAP plots with gates, etc.
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